Bell+Howell Pinnacle Inserting System
Bell+Howell Pinnacle Inserting System


The Pinnacle Inserting system has been added to an already extensive line of direct mail production equipment.

It offers one of the fastest methods of processing mail, while still maintaining mail job integrity. The system also provides detailed job statistics for use in mail job analysis, as well as the ability to save a set-up for future recall, and provides one of the highest ratios of throughput-to-cycling speed on the market.

Along with this new inserting technology, we have added a Lake Image Systems Discovery MultiScan 3 Way Match Verification System, which includes an integrated three camera system which captures a Data Matrix code and/or OCR-A fonts for matching up to two inserts with a pre-printed envelope.


  • Our Pinnacle Inserting system allows 100% automated match-integrity for up to three personalized inserts.
  • Data Matrix and OCR-A font technology provides our clients’ jobs with clean, crisp print readability options for 100% match-integrity.
  • The Pinnacle Inserting system will allow for a wider range of add-on options and future expandability, meeting clients creative demands.