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Data-Driven Mail List Processing

Accurate Data Increases Campaign Results

Optimize Your Mailing List For Success

We provide full-service mailing list processing using a combination of industry-standard software applications and a unique proprietary system to ensure that every customer list is optimized for effective delivery.

According to the US Post Office, 40% of the success of any direct mail campaign is directly related to the quality and accuracy of the mail list used.

We believe it is critical to help our customers prepare mailing lists in a way that maximizes their effectiveness and improves their overall return on investment.

40% Of Direct Mail Campaign Success Is Based On Mail List Accuracy

data targeted customer and prospects

Building Relationships With Data

By leveraging your customer base, we can help you find new customers and prospects. Our data mining tools will utilize your customer lists and data to find like-minded prospects with similar demographic and/or geographic traits resulting in more effective acquisition programs.

After new lists have been compiled, our team can help you develop optimized direct mail marketing campaigns with superior results.

Mailing Lists & Data Processing Services

Our experienced data experts use the latest data processing software in conjunction with proprietary mail management software. Mail Data will create data-driven targeting solutions necessary for typical mailings as well as the most complex personalized and variable data projects.
  • BCC Mail Manager coding, presort, and inkjet software
  • Mail Data proprietary software to enhance and manage mailing list databases, and dedupe

Mail List Services

Accepted Formats

Delivery Methods

Types of Targeting Mailing Lists

Find Your Audience

When you need to find a specific audience for your next direct mail campaign, Mail Data can use hundreds of specialty lists and preference selects to find the best prospects.

One of the most important element of any campaign is your targeted direct mail list. Businesses and retailers use targeting mailing lists to reach customer and prospects that matter most to them.

We’ll help you define targets, map your geographic area, direct mail design & printing, postage & delivery costs, USPS verification and tracking, and expert support.

Here are some examples of mailing lists Mail Data can provide for your next successful marketing campaign: 

data targeted customer and prospects

Targeted Mailing List Advantages

HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication and
Secure Direct Mailing Services

HIPAA Compliance And Data Protection Security

Save Time & Money Our in-house equipment, locally secured data and years of expertise in HIPAA compliant direct mail and print allows us to offer secure fast turnaround services at the lowest possible rates.

Reduce Risk Our team is always up-to-date with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) best practices, processing every piece of direct mail ensuring that all Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected from the moment we receive it on our encrypted SFTP site to when it leaves for the post office.

HIPAA Mailing Experts We are the a one-stop solution for direct mail from graphic design, healthcare printing, inserting, fulfillment services, and healthcare mailings.

Our ISO 27001 controls help ensure PHI and PII data remain secure and compliant with even the most stringent data security policies.

HIPAA Compliant Mailing Services
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