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Postal optimization solutions for accurate delivery and reduced postage


Cost Saving Trucking to Distribution Centers

Postage represents a significant part of every direct mail budget and reducing its cost is one of Mail Data’s primary areas of expertise and focus. Our postal analysis and optimization services in conjunction with our private trucking and strategic alliance with FedEx allows for expedited delivery to postal distribution centers.

mail and postal analytics

Postal Analysis & Qualification

Our postal analysts with their detailed knowledge of postal rates, presorting, and optimization methods review every mail file and list to help determine the postal solution that best fits your requirements. Our goal is for our customers to attain the lowest postal costs including postage, fees, freight, and on-time in-home delivery.

Postal Optimization Services

The cost and time of delivery of your direct mail is influenced by transportation. Direct mailers can further maximize postal discounts with commingling, co-palletization, and co-transportation.
mail fulfillment services
USPS mail and postage optimization
The US Post Office has an extensive range of postage classes and rates all with specific rules and regulations governing their use. Knowing how to capitalize on the greatest discounts while maintaining or improving the delivery window for our customers is a true science.

Distribution Services

Many of our clients operate hundreds of locations across the country and need to ensure their materials arrive consistently as promised. Our logistics team can help manage the process from start to finish.
fedex freight mail distribution trucking and logistics services

In the New England market we service our clients and ship directly to regional postal facilities with our own private trucking fleet to ensure prompt service. Outside of the New England market we leverage our strategic alliance with FedEx Freight to gain expedited access to postal centers.